Sunday, February 26, 2012

long time! ah

yep its been a long time since i wrote my first post for this sparkling tea, but i know its just me seeing and viewing it all over again so the static would increase hahahah forgive me fo dat

ok what is on the make up world these days? my world actually. i wanna tell you or myself (haha how embarrased) about this,so i take a make up class during my working time and its about 9am to 12.30. fun though! lots of practically make up on model of course and maybe there were like some lessons about facial massage and stuff,but i think i like it! ;-) now its been 1 month and i got a lot from them! woohoo! thank god now i know couples of techniques of contouring, shading, highliting and stuff. giving tints, and making your nose slimmer,oh gosh thank god for make just perfect!

Of course there are some lessons about make up products. but maybe thats not their focuses on but its just between the students (hahah gossiping and became tester finally). yup! we tested and still testing lots of different products.

maybe on my next post i will give my recommends about products that i used and what my friends suggested me to try.. (cause they tested it first and they said it was greeeaaatt). finger crossed

now i have to sleep cos my eyes is like garfield 5 watts weak.

tomorrow my lovely mom is having her birthday too!! i bought her something though! hope she likes it!  :) catch u later BLOG :-*


Monday, February 6, 2012

welcoming me,no?

Hi! I know it's 2012 and i might be too late to know this kinda blogging thingy.. But for me, there's something INTERESTING about new stuff.. n let me introduce myself to the simply 4 letters of heaven.. BLOG.. haha.. :-D

I'm interest in fashion, make up and stuff.. so probably i will write it down in my upcoming post. but for now, let me learn and learn and learn about this from my friend first hahah.. (never too late my friend).

So,for everybody who read,and wont read,thanx! (badah english sube ngawag ngawag ne,pang meng-internasional cita2 ngeblog ne hahahaaaa).

see ya very soon blog!! much love


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