Monday, August 20, 2012

My step by step doing (un)serious make up :)

Beautiful viewers! finally my mood is back. even though i know, for beauty bloggers waitin for mood stuff is nay nay. cause some need like whatever logos or something u want to achieve ( i want it too bad sometimes and it kept me stressed out cause it has something this and that in my opinion). but its good and its MOTIVATED bloggers.. and finally here i am. i do what i love and whenever i want it :-) hope it interesting enough for ya to keep on viewing my blog and hope it gives you something to learn or (at least) entertain you..thats enough ;-)

i got my lil brother, Ary to captured all of what you'll see if you keep scroll down.. hehe and bare with us for some edited picture.

lets do it!
my step by step ooh baby (NKOTB?) hehe.. anyyway this is my step by step doin it

1. my bare face. :) forgive me my eye bag :-D

2. I used Caring Colors Stay True Foundation
and oh i just bought this Samantha Chapman Stippling brush, Powder brush, and Sigma foundation brush and they're so fine. trust me!
and i applied it with serious face on hahahaha i can't stand this. i kept on laughing doing all of these
LOL LOL LOL but concentrate 
 3. Eye Shadow! I still have my La Tulipe pallet since my beauty class, and so yeah i keep using it. first i used this nude cream eye shadow for a wash all over my lids 
and then Gold for my eye lids.
 and next, for corner of my eyes i used black, blend it till u got this shadow effect 
i put some red above the black and blended it.
 4. Put some Eye Liner!anything that has thin brush or you can use cream eye liner too, whatever u have. just applied it thin okay ;-)
5. Nose shading. I used LT Pro #3 i guess. it has a darker brown of all shade and a highlight powder. it came out like pallet duo Blend until you can't barely see the line out of your nose, unless you wanna make it clearly lined for fashion photography or for any purpose :-) 
6. My eye lashes quite lame so i applied fake lashes, but! if you have long lashes, just skip it and go for mascara!
oh wait, can u see the difference between my left and right eyes. fake lashes was a brilliant invention right?? LOL..
7. Eye brows! i make it just a lil touch of grey eye brow pencil. :-)and dont forget the highlight on your browbone, i used the same color for washing my lids before applied any eye shadows before. see on my #3 first pic.
8. Okay next, conceal! i used concealer pallet from Kryolan and i looveee it!lots of skin tones. i used this for covered my eye bag. but yeah.. i don't do botox so maybe you can barely see my pretty eye bag still! and i did conceal after i did all my eye make up.
 9. Powder! again, i did it with all my strength for NOT laugh laugh laugh, keep it focused LOL
10. Blush On. I used maybelline pink blush on, it came out like this
and i found this cute kabuki brush for apply blushes on from Tamia. ;-) so soft! 
11. Lips! i put a lipbalm from Maybelline called Baby Lips! it made my smooth lip back!!;-D
And then i applied pink pencil lipstick from PAC Frozen Rose. and fyi when i took this picture, my puppies bite the pencil :-( but it still covered btw.
okay, that was my step by step pictures for doing my make up. you can go out for a wedding reception or for a casual night occasion..
here are the results pic! 
;-) how? easy step by step right, and i make it with pictures so you can imagine it clearly how to do it.
seeyah in my next post beautiful viewers!! :-*
much much love,

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Have some fun with sissy part.II

i'am back! owkay lets get started.
this is my lil sister while i did her make up, before the photoshoot 

and here they are! 

seeyah on my next post! its not just about make up afterall. i post what i like, and what beauty for me. thankyou for viewing
much much love! :-*
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