Sunday, August 11, 2013

July Portfolio Pictures!

July's Portfolios

Model : Putri Alita
Photo : Jimmy
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Theme : Corpse Bride

Friday, July 19, 2013

Make-up Portfolio

June Portfolio!

Model : Sherafina 
Photo : Jimmy

Model : Nabila 


Model : Henny

Model : Mella

Model : Sarah Agatha
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What i always bringing from P.A.C - Martha Tilaar

Lovely readers..
I want to share some products that i always or to be exact, can not live without..
I'am Indonesian.. and I love Indonesian brand called P.A.C

here are the story (hahahaahaa so I'am a story teller now?)

as in my latest post, now I stay in Singapore, taking my class of make up.
Everyday i go i just want to make it fresh and natural but chic. less is more for me. hehe but nothing is not cool ahhaaaha.

Okay first, i put my moisturizer, and my loose powder. i have an oily skin, more of combination one, and if I put some of heavy make up, i usually will meet the ZITS. :-D
 so i read if someone has skin problem like me, better avoid something contains vit c and whitening. most of sunscreen contains that. so i'am not using any. :(

after that, i put some of my P.A.C products

P.A.C eye shadow palette
I put #1 the white powder as a wah in my crease.

and i put #2 to neutralize my lid, as a base.

i put #3 in outer corner of my eyes

i put #4 in my waterline in the corner of my eyes, to make my eyes more fresh

i put #5 under my browbone to create depth

 i put #6 as an eyeliner. because powder can make it more mild because i just want to go to school 

last, i put another #4 above my black powder liner :-)

remember to put some blush to brighten your cheeks. 
for me i like to put the light pink and pink just to matched it up with d lipstick ;-)
 and my ultimate favourite lipstick from PAC
the pencil one! easy to apply!!!!! 
 look how ugly my lipstick because i always bring it in my bag, so it drop few times.
lucky it still had covered.
Have a great day!!!! Be kind one to another... :-*
 *the pic below has been photoshoped. i contrast it and whatever it. LOL

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hello, Blogger! News from me :)

Ey! whats goin on my fellow bloggers!! been a long long time.. i know some of you didnt really care but hahaha as a blogger ( i called myself that way? oh..) thats my responsibility to my fellow blog visiter, follower, subscriber, to give them story/information/anything. right?

i start with my current activity.

Now i registered as a student in Cosmoprof Academy Singapore. i'am taking diploma for Profesional Make Up Artistry which is now..i..stay here in d Singapore..and that means..far far away from my family.. :( i know iam not supposed to feel sad because i really want this. Thank God for everything and now its time for me writing my journey, my

okay, today is 8th April 2013 and today is my 3rd day of the class. so far I'am feeling GREAT. my trainer, Mr Clive Ho is a very funny talkative informatively teacher, hes so good though! From day one until today, He's a cool cool teacher. in a good way! ahahaaha he needs to pay me some money now because i give him some good reputation non stop hahahaaa joking (hi, Mr Clive!!)

i like my new environment. my friends so all around d world. :D i have Indian friends, Taiwanese, Malay, Singaporean, Indonesian, Sweden,and even far from Africa. how cool is that? they're cool! lots of laugh :-D

well the reason i go here is for my curiousity. hahahahaa. I'am very curious how people can be so greatfully dinamic and in the same time very artistic, and became so profesional in make up. I really want to know about everything.. specially Contouring like shading and highligting!

So excited about what they gonna teach me. I'am like a blank white paper ready to fill in! :)

and here we go.. day by day..lesson by lesson.. hard work, focus and faith. all sacrifices will worth it one day, i believe.

i challenge myself to be a better me, here.

So, are you ready for the story? just wait... :)


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review : Acerola dari ShangPree

Welcome December! oh man, this month is unpredictable... i know for some reason it is, like the weather, it turn out nuts. Sekalinya panas bisa panasss menyengat ih. Tapiii sekalinya hujan ga brenti brenti kayak kemarin malem nih.. and yeah Denpasar dan sekitarnya mulai deh agak tergenang air (a.k.a banjir) di beberapa tempat daaannnn yang sudah pasti bisa dibayangkan kalau hujan dan angin kenceng bersatu padu, pohon pohon pada potong rambut cyiiin. tumbang, beberapa ranting terbang dan mendarat di mobil-mobil yang parkir accidentally di bawah pohon-pohon itu :-( yeah.. thats my opening for my post today..

Tapi, selain itu juga kondisi yang ga menentu ini buat badan kita jadi gampang sakit hiks.. Gimana engga, daya tahan tubuh yang selalu bisa adaptasi dengan cuaca yang gak ekstrim, sekarang harus kerja extra untuk ngadepin hal yang sebaliknya. Untuk itu sih kalo saya pribadi biasanya konsumsi multivitamin gitu..

Nah sebulan terakhir ini saya rutin konsumsi minuman kesehatan dari ShangPree namanya Acerola. Itu minuman yang mengandung vit C gitu.. jadi pas banget kan buat daya tahan tubuh! Saya pengen review nih di post saya tentang Acerola-nya ShangPree.

Oke jadi ini penampakan bentuknya :-) hihi 
Bentuknya serbuk gitu, sachetnya kecil panjang, sehari saya konsumsi 2x, menurut aturannya.. dan saya sih selalu minum dengan air dingin karena rasanya jadi segerrr gimanaa gitu dan saya minum selalu sebelum berangkat kerja dan jam pulang kerja. 

Pagi - pagi seger minum ini nih. Wajib! ;-)
dan ini kondisi pulang kerja, hehe mejanya berantakan
Rasanya Acerola ini kecut-kecut manis gimana gitu, seger pokoknya! Dan setelah meneliti di web mereka juga, hihi, jadi ini emang tanpa pemanis buatan..bebas bahan kimia.

Hari pertama saya konsumsi Acerola dari ShangPree ini, badan saya seperti agak lemes gitu, mungkin karena badan saya masih adaptasi ya, tapi itu yang saya rasain sih.. 

Hari kedua, bangun paginya mulai segeran, saya ngerasa mungkin badan udah mulai akrab nih hehe.. Dan seterusnya badan saya mulai menerima nih siklus Acerola ;-) . 

Minggu pertama saya minum, kondisi tubuh yang berasa banget karena jadi lebih fit, dan jujur pencernaan saya jadi lancar hihi :-P jadi metabolisme tubuh bener-bener diperbaiki loh..

Minggu-minggu berikutnya beneran yang kerasa selain badan saya emang seger tiap bangun pagi dan tiap beraktifitas, perubahan yang saya rasa juga di kulit tubuh dan kulit wajah, dari yang agak kusam jadi lebih cerah aja.. hihi. penting banget kan buat cewek-cewek aktif yang pengen staminanya dan kulitnya tetep terjaga di kondisi cuaca kayak sekarang.. 

Dulu saya juga sempet tau ShangPree karena sempet coba produk lain mereka (baca di post-post blog saya sebelumnya) dan setelah searching2 di google juga jadi tau ternyata banyak testimoni yang bilang cocok sama produk-produk ShangPree. 

if you want to check their facebook page, here it is..

Bisa liat juga berbagai produk mereka yang lain.. Semua berasal dari bahan alami, dan karena ini produk baru bukan berarti kita tutup mata dengan kehadirannya dong hihi.. Saya juga suka sama slogan mereka yang selalu bilang cantik itu bukan cuma dari luar, tapi dari dalam juga. 

Jadi buat kamu yang tertarik dengan produk asli dari Switzerland yang berasal dari tumbuh2an herbal ini, semoga review saya bisa membantu yah :-)

Lots of love,

Friday, November 30, 2012

Saturday night at pop art and comical diner in Bali!

Hey y'all! Since last saturday night, i thought about i would probably posting my interest in great places i went to! it could be anything that i think awesome place. haha random right, but i know this is my blog and i want to make it more sparkly as it says :-D

ok so this is the story, couple of week ago me and my old friend had a appointment to catch up and chit chat. so first me and Indie (she didnt payed for this ugh) went to catch some chicken quesadilla and i had fettucini carbonara on this place located at Teuku Umar Denpasar (sorry i didn't get to take pics there :-() and after that.. i drove Indie home.

But my other friend, Janz called and he asked us to catch him at some place wherever on Sunset Road. so we decided to go to starbucks but, suddenly i found this very interesting place called Cosmic Diner, ( i got their permission to upload our enjoyable time there, so thanx for Cosmic!) near Starbucks ;-) believe me it's full of awesomeness. so pop art! comical! and their meals, coffee, hot chocolate was super amazing, here are the pics,

this is Janz, and look behind him, 
thats their full of posters wall!
 their toilets amazing right haha i'am a fan 
(of toilets? oh come on)
 we ordered caramel latte and hot chocolate and fish and chips 
(but unfortunately i missed pic that fish and chips)
aha! ;-)
 this is Indie wrote down some "beauty words of wisdom"  
LOL..and stick that on their wall of opinion :)
 sorry for his loads appearance here ;P
this is second floor btw
great and picturable place for photobombs! ;-)

 There you go, hope that pics tell lots! oh btw Cosmic Diner located on Sunset Road, Bali.. they are new! but tasty! (maybe after this post i will push them to give me free meals haha) Joking :-D :-D

Saturday, November 17, 2012

How To Do : Make Over

on todays post, just share pics..That's before and after pictures and eye make up i did for my beauty class, not perfect but its a fun class and i love how they teach me exactly the same thing over and over again, like blending and stuff, to make it perfect.

My Steps For making all of these :
  1. Put some moisturizer before anything first (La Tullipe moisturizer)
  2. If they wanna go outdoor, apply sun screen after.
  3. i apply cream foundation (Kryolan 6w shade)
  4. Put some loose powder
  5. Do the eye! eyehadow on lids (blending it up, beyond brow bone)
  6. Eye liner under under the eye, and make it wing a bit on outer eye lids. 
  7. Highlighting under browbone with white shimmer eyeshadow
  8. Create eye brow with black eye brow pencil
  9. Put some fake lashes. you can make it double to make it more dramatic :-) and after that, apply eye liner to cover up the lashes glue.
  10. Contour the nose 
  11. Put some blush on, put some strong color near the ears and make it lighter near the nose.
  12. Put some matching lipstick! (Blue eyeshadow match some pink lipstick, and green match some orange lipstick color, etc. but it depends on the occasions)
Done deal! But again, for the first time it seems a huge task but after long practice, it becomes easier and easier..... So, i hope we are never get tired of trying and practicing.. Its real.. practice makes perfect, Ladies.. sometimes i get tired but when i know its NOT gonna make it better, so i trying my best to start practicing all over again...... i couldnt go to the next level until i got their permission, at least for recognizing my ability for this level. pray for me....... :-)

Lots of LOVE,
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