Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What i always bringing from P.A.C - Martha Tilaar

Lovely readers..
I want to share some products that i always or to be exact, can not live without..
I'am Indonesian.. and I love Indonesian brand called P.A.C

here are the story (hahahaahaa so I'am a story teller now?)

as in my latest post, now I stay in Singapore, taking my class of make up.
Everyday i go i just want to make it fresh and natural but chic. less is more for me. hehe but nothing is not cool ahhaaaha.

Okay first, i put my moisturizer, and my loose powder. i have an oily skin, more of combination one, and if I put some of heavy make up, i usually will meet the ZITS. :-D
 so i read if someone has skin problem like me, better avoid something contains vit c and whitening. most of sunscreen contains that. so i'am not using any. :(

after that, i put some of my P.A.C products

P.A.C eye shadow palette
I put #1 the white powder as a wah in my crease.

and i put #2 to neutralize my lid, as a base.

i put #3 in outer corner of my eyes

i put #4 in my waterline in the corner of my eyes, to make my eyes more fresh

i put #5 under my browbone to create depth

 i put #6 as an eyeliner. because powder can make it more mild because i just want to go to school 

last, i put another #4 above my black powder liner :-)

remember to put some blush to brighten your cheeks. 
for me i like to put the light pink and pink just to matched it up with d lipstick ;-)
 and my ultimate favourite lipstick from PAC
the pencil one! easy to apply!!!!! 
 look how ugly my lipstick because i always bring it in my bag, so it drop few times.
lucky it still had covered.
Have a great day!!!! Be kind one to another... :-*
 *the pic below has been photoshoped. i contrast it and whatever it. LOL

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