Monday, April 8, 2013

Hello, Blogger! News from me :)

Ey! whats goin on my fellow bloggers!! been a long long time.. i know some of you didnt really care but hahaha as a blogger ( i called myself that way? oh..) thats my responsibility to my fellow blog visiter, follower, subscriber, to give them story/information/anything. right?

i start with my current activity.

Now i registered as a student in Cosmoprof Academy Singapore. i'am taking diploma for Profesional Make Up Artistry which is now..i..stay here in d Singapore..and that means..far far away from my family.. :( i know iam not supposed to feel sad because i really want this. Thank God for everything and now its time for me writing my journey, my

okay, today is 8th April 2013 and today is my 3rd day of the class. so far I'am feeling GREAT. my trainer, Mr Clive Ho is a very funny talkative informatively teacher, hes so good though! From day one until today, He's a cool cool teacher. in a good way! ahahaaha he needs to pay me some money now because i give him some good reputation non stop hahahaaa joking (hi, Mr Clive!!)

i like my new environment. my friends so all around d world. :D i have Indian friends, Taiwanese, Malay, Singaporean, Indonesian, Sweden,and even far from Africa. how cool is that? they're cool! lots of laugh :-D

well the reason i go here is for my curiousity. hahahahaa. I'am very curious how people can be so greatfully dinamic and in the same time very artistic, and became so profesional in make up. I really want to know about everything.. specially Contouring like shading and highligting!

So excited about what they gonna teach me. I'am like a blank white paper ready to fill in! :)

and here we go.. day by day..lesson by lesson.. hard work, focus and faith. all sacrifices will worth it one day, i believe.

i challenge myself to be a better me, here.

So, are you ready for the story? just wait... :)


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