Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May! Tryina Make Fake Eye Lid no? YES!

Hey beautiful, my last post was about Everyday Natural Make up and that was MARCH right? now its MAY already people! wooh how time flies. Been long time i didn't write a post :-P and lots of things went well and lots of story (supposed) to tell. Oh and today in my beauty class we got new students! i love newbie! so so excited... i feel like its me couple months ago, my reflection haha... had to know different personalities, styles, and shared 'new sense of humor'.. fun though! The (not-so) good news is my exam is near uh starting to feel the pressure here. They give me this book and it was like 2.5cm thick and we have to read and the (not-too) happy part also is we have to feed our brain with LATIN Language. come on.. what is the latin of acne for example etc etc etc. oh yea this is a repetition of my Senior High. welcoming Biology.... Moaning..Yawn..zz..zz..zz

Okay! besides that story, i have something to share about my experience in making Fake Lid. Not successfull but at least i tried :) have you???? here's the picture
not very success BUT maybe you can make it better! here are my step by step :
  1. I used an eye base from aubeau and cream / very light brown eyeshadow to neutralize my eye lid.
  2. Start to draw a line upside your real lid.make sure your opened eyes is the guide for making those   lines. cause we all have differents kinda eye. just make it longer outside your eye lid.
  3. Actually make it perfect, smudge it really well. (mine? you know,this is my first so..yea,haha)
  4. Using Liquid liner to make a really thin eye liner. make sure its thin, cause thicker you make,  smaller eye lid you'll get. Means it will ruin this whole process.
  5. And here is my tips which is important too, to make my eyes bigger in this pic, i also put a white pencil liner on my lower lash line as you can see.
  6. Put a mascara on.
  7. Of course i made a contoured nose using a dark compact powder on the edge of my nose. hahaha :-p
I see and of course you guys can see the harsh line there cause i used a black pencil eyeliner. see it? :-D more smudgy would make it perfect! Have you guys watch this phan uumm let me think.. yea Promise Phan i believe! she made that Kate Middleton fake lid and it went sooooo fiiineee. watch it. There are many ways to make a perfect fake lid depends on how good you use your tools. If u good at liquid, go for it. but for my first time, pencil way better. Promise Phan used that liquid liner, and for me i tried it once and it went SCARY as hell. oh geez i can't believe it, realized my 'faking lid skill' is waaaay faarrr below her. hahaaaa so i decided to used pencil eye liner, but practice make perfect right? ;-)

For you who has small eye lids, and want to make it bigger, you can learn how to make fake lid (not so important if you already confidence with that) ;-) but learning never go wrong. So, try it! ;-) and for tutorial you can visit all the beauty gurus on Youtube. Hope this post can brighten your day! :-)

catch ya very soon!



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