Monday, May 28, 2012

Mission Accomplished : Make Up and Photo for Biat Design BALI

Oh i wanna share something that i did for Biat Design BALI. Biat design (a manufacture, wholesales and exporter of all kinds of ready made fashions, made from batik, textile, screen printing, cotton, natural product (frame, book, Christmas decorations, etc), screen printing, cotton, silk, with beading and embroideries design - own design) based in BALI- INDONESIA. They also provide equipment for hotel interior design, hotel rooms / bed rooms, staff uniform, traditional/modern kebaya, etc. Their products are amazing!! Great great quality! Their specialized in handpainted.. Original one!! oh yea you can order it if you want to.. just klik on the link and you can see some of their products there!! I'am tottally in LOVE with BIAT DESIGN's PRODUCTS. You will! trust me!! here are some of my portfolios dat i did for them. My Lil sister was the model.sorry for the low quality i did it for purpose actually :) at least you can get the image right. I did the make up and the photos also. check them. oh ya, NO COPY will b fine. :) thanx and appreciate!

Hope you guys can check Biat Design Bali as soon as possible! or you can send an email to : for info or call +82361 222607

thankyou and catch ya real soon! <3

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