Saturday, November 17, 2012

How To Do : Make Over

on todays post, just share pics..That's before and after pictures and eye make up i did for my beauty class, not perfect but its a fun class and i love how they teach me exactly the same thing over and over again, like blending and stuff, to make it perfect.

My Steps For making all of these :
  1. Put some moisturizer before anything first (La Tullipe moisturizer)
  2. If they wanna go outdoor, apply sun screen after.
  3. i apply cream foundation (Kryolan 6w shade)
  4. Put some loose powder
  5. Do the eye! eyehadow on lids (blending it up, beyond brow bone)
  6. Eye liner under under the eye, and make it wing a bit on outer eye lids. 
  7. Highlighting under browbone with white shimmer eyeshadow
  8. Create eye brow with black eye brow pencil
  9. Put some fake lashes. you can make it double to make it more dramatic :-) and after that, apply eye liner to cover up the lashes glue.
  10. Contour the nose 
  11. Put some blush on, put some strong color near the ears and make it lighter near the nose.
  12. Put some matching lipstick! (Blue eyeshadow match some pink lipstick, and green match some orange lipstick color, etc. but it depends on the occasions)
Done deal! But again, for the first time it seems a huge task but after long practice, it becomes easier and easier..... So, i hope we are never get tired of trying and practicing.. Its real.. practice makes perfect, Ladies.. sometimes i get tired but when i know its NOT gonna make it better, so i trying my best to start practicing all over again...... i couldnt go to the next level until i got their permission, at least for recognizing my ability for this level. pray for me....... :-)

Lots of LOVE,


  1. wahh keren,before afternya keliatan banget :D

    main ke blogku yah kalau sempat ^_^

    1. hai @LeeViaHan makasi yaa.. ^_^
      ok aku main ke blogmu yah skrg.. :)

  2. Hi:) nice posting and make over <3
    krayolan nya km beli yang palette atau satuan sist? aku mau beli buat makeupin orang tp kalo satuan rada cekak yaa huhuhu... thankiss for share about this looh <3

  3. Hai Cheryl! aku beli yang satuan say.. tp aku bagi ama temenku ditempat kursus, hehe jd irit jg sih..

  4. awesome banget make overnya >o<
    Hehehe . .
    visit and follow my blog :D

  5. Sumpah itu make over yang eyeshadow biru bagus banget! :O

  6. You are nominated in my blog. Check ya


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