Monday, November 12, 2012

Product Review : NYX Concealer "Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer" and "Lovely Angel Loose Powder" by The Face Shop

These days, concealer really plays an important role i can say. Especially when we (woman,girls) get tired of cakey face with foundation effect, sometimes :-) . for me concealer can make a big role without foundation for sure. we need something more natural on our face right lady? Not to mention concealer that we used to apply before / after foundation in a serious make up. yea...

Right now i want to share and review the lightly way to use concealer for daily make up WITHOUT any foundation. and we still can look fresh and of course, blemishes-redness and dark circles free! ;-) and this concealer is great trust me!  its Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer by NYX!

Here are some pictures to visuallize that.

My bare face, 
with full of zits, redness around my nose and mouth, 
dark circles under my eyes, oh everywhere. 
 still my bare face LOL
and this is the concealer i wanna share its greatness with you guys
cute lil concealer
i choose the lightest shade to cover up redness on my face. CJ 01 Porcelain for me.
 woops sorry! messyness.
and here are the Nyx concealer kissin my face LOL
 well, pretty scary right? i assume this is perfect for Halloween too :-D
oya after i blend and dabbed the concealer, 
i use Face Shop Loose powder to enough matte-ed it. here are the loose powder 
 as always Face Shop always cute when it comes to PACKAGING! their product appearance is lovey lovey :-D Like their names, Lovely ME:EX Angel Skin Loose Powder.
 the pad actually came out like a thick baby powder pads but it was smaller.cute!
and here are my happy face after being concealed and loose powdered! :-)))))
 I know i was too happy in that last pic i dont know why i made that face :-[

Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer by NYX is recommended, why?
  • It has small rounded jar package so it fits your daily beauty case/beauty bag.tiny and simple.
  • It wont give you cakey or dry effects. it just perfect to blend
  • You only need to apply thin layered to cover up redness and dark circles. but for cover up zits-blemishes you need to apply thicker.
  • Perfect for dry even oily skin
  • it stays all day long
and Lovely ME:EX Angel Skin Loose Powder is recommeded too, why?
  • The packagings cute. (forgive me for saying packagings play big role for me)
  • Because it has a smooth texture and leaves your skin fresh all day long
  • perfect for oily skin too
  • it has lightly matte finish
  • pearl free (no shimmer)  :-)
  • Sweet scented!
  • it has : Rosemary extract, chamomile extract, tee trea extract. so its perfect for any skin types.
owkay lady, i think thats a wrap! i hope that all can help you to decided which concealer or loose powder for ya. see ya next time beautiful!



  1. powdernya lucuuu banget packingnya..hiks hiks

    folback ya dear^^

    1. iya lucu.... :) sudah aku follback yaa dewi..makasiii

  2. It is lovely! Great coverage this nyx concealer! Amazing. Love the powder too. Super cute :)

    1. @rodsiana they are! amazing products.. thanx for commenting btw :)

  3. tertutupi ya jerawatnya jadi cantik tanpa noda...


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