Friday, November 30, 2012

Saturday night at pop art and comical diner in Bali!

Hey y'all! Since last saturday night, i thought about i would probably posting my interest in great places i went to! it could be anything that i think awesome place. haha random right, but i know this is my blog and i want to make it more sparkly as it says :-D

ok so this is the story, couple of week ago me and my old friend had a appointment to catch up and chit chat. so first me and Indie (she didnt payed for this ugh) went to catch some chicken quesadilla and i had fettucini carbonara on this place located at Teuku Umar Denpasar (sorry i didn't get to take pics there :-() and after that.. i drove Indie home.

But my other friend, Janz called and he asked us to catch him at some place wherever on Sunset Road. so we decided to go to starbucks but, suddenly i found this very interesting place called Cosmic Diner, ( i got their permission to upload our enjoyable time there, so thanx for Cosmic!) near Starbucks ;-) believe me it's full of awesomeness. so pop art! comical! and their meals, coffee, hot chocolate was super amazing, here are the pics,

this is Janz, and look behind him, 
thats their full of posters wall!
 their toilets amazing right haha i'am a fan 
(of toilets? oh come on)
 we ordered caramel latte and hot chocolate and fish and chips 
(but unfortunately i missed pic that fish and chips)
aha! ;-)
 this is Indie wrote down some "beauty words of wisdom"  
LOL..and stick that on their wall of opinion :)
 sorry for his loads appearance here ;P
this is second floor btw
great and picturable place for photobombs! ;-)

 There you go, hope that pics tell lots! oh btw Cosmic Diner located on Sunset Road, Bali.. they are new! but tasty! (maybe after this post i will push them to give me free meals haha) Joking :-D :-D

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