Monday, March 5, 2012


i found my office mate has this interesst in make up too! so 2 days ago i bring my make up kit and did her eyes make up and face too. she loves blue and i wanted to make it silvery too. so this look i've made for her,and my dad said it was great. hahah cause there were nobody home that i could share about.. my mom wasnt home..

Just a blend between sparkling blue and silvery powder eyeshadow all over her lid and a little purple for browbone and silver for highlight and inner corner of the lid. Mascara..eye liner.. and fill in the brow with dark brown eye shadow just a lil bit..

Noted if you already did a bright bright eyes and sparkling shimery, you just need to do a nude peach lip to make it perfect. i choose REVLON 070.. nude nude lip. :) it was a lil bit glossy but you can make it mate with a touch of loose powder on your lipstick.. DONE! try it..



  1. Dea, pajang full face-nya doongg
    birunya cantek beneer..
    pake la tulipe ya? ^^

    1. Ia La Tulipe mba Pupuuuttt..aku pake yg dari palet itu mba.. birunya emang asikkk banget! temenku malu itu mukanya dipajang semuanya mba.. haha..

  2. Blogwalking ^^ Woooow.. birunya nyala banget!!! Keren buat make up malem gitu ya. *ngebayangin

    1. Hai Carryn!! :) ia nyala banget.. pigmented juga jadi bagus buat make up malem yah... :) thanx for commenting ya


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