Monday, March 19, 2012

TIPS : Before and after applied nail polishes

Girls, saya gak bosen-bosen main kuteks warna warni. This is actually light pink and salem light orange from O.P.I..the pink is different from my latest O.P.I review. this is more soft. maybe you guys should check it out on your nearest beauty store coz O.P.I got this gorgeous nail polish colors. 

But there is ONE more important thing to do before and after you applied nail polishes. i dont know maybe some of you already know this, or not yet. It's a simple simple way. Its a small thing but it has a big difference afterall. Put a Double Twist Instant base & Top Coat from Revlon (that i used) or you can put any kind of different brand u like.

This is the secret of making great color pop on your nails!!!
I used Double twist from revlon. it has different texture from other transparant nail polish. not too strong sticky. very light. I put it before and after nail polish. cause it says dat way. haha. (base n top coat)
But trust me, the color would stay longer and smoother and it would go POP like you always wanted :-D
Dan yang paling penting sih buat saya, biasanya kalo kita sering pake kuteks lebih dari seminggu aja, kadang kuku kita suka agak kuning, ato kering dan warna kuteks gak bisa hilang sepenuhnya kan.. Nah itu fungsinya double twist! sebelum pake kuteks, pulasin dulu, jadi kuku kamu aman dan tetep sehat! it really helps. 
ok selamat mencoba yah!


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