Thursday, March 1, 2012

make up kit n stuff

ok as i promise...... this is my make up kit for my make up course dat i told you in my late late post before,in case u haven't read it.. just a simple stuff! my teacher told me to buy certain products that they actually use it to every student..and i use couples of local products because its great to my skin type too.. iam indonesian actually. :-) i use La Tulipe for my beauty pallet (in my class instead of having expensive products we choose to use cheaper price products but it good in asian skin though) .

and for Brushes, i love Masami Shouko Teksturnya lembut... the texture is so soft! i dont know if its made in Indonesia or not but it has a great great soft brushes!!!!! highly recomended! And the price oh its so fit in our teenagers (me?teenage?yea!haha) pocket believe me :-D finger crossed! great quality of local brushes! oh ive just googling it and it came in from bangkok thailand i guess..

and for mascara....... i definetly highly recommended you to this maybelline THE MAGNUM VOLUME EXPRESS WATERPROOF. great and so far i never change my mascara LOL.ok enough for tonight guys.,,,,,, i still have lots of reviews but i cant help my eyes..oh my eyes... i cant stand so make up kit review will be continue........this is so real iam so sleepy moaning moaning moaning cya!               -Dea


  1. paletnya la tulipe segede gitu brapaan ya sis ? ..:))

    1. hai vicky, pallet la tullipe yang seri A itu harganya Rp 450.000 di toko.. mungkin kamu bisa cari distributornya dikota kamu n get 10 percent-20 percent discount! :)


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